About Us


Founded in 2013, Royaltex is an aspiring brand in the manufacture and supply of superior grade paints, textures and custom coatings in Kerala. Catering to both indoor and outdoor applications for residential as well as commercial buildings, these authentic texture finishes ensure everlasting finesse and perfection. Royaltex sets a new standard in texture coatings and accomplishes to go far and beyond to facilitate exactly what the customer desires. Hence, by giving a form to dreams and by imprinting one’s own personal identity into designs, an experience uniquely personal yet remarkably trendy is achieved.


To become the most preferred choice in textured finishes in both residential and commercial sectors. To consistently provide highest quality products and services to our wide reaching customer base.


To enable our customers to always choose from the widest range of products. To help them innovate and explore newer possibilities on improving the aesthetics of their interiors and exteriors with cost effective, durable solutions.

Why Royaltex

Features, providing lustrous finish and long life...

Containing a rare combination of ingredients like superb quality acrylic polymers, iron free quartz, minerals etc. which ensure evident result every time, ROYALTEX is simply featureful...

Resistance to dirt and grim
Durability in various conditions
Assurance of adhesive strength
Fighting against fungus & algae
Repellent to wetness & water
Time Saving by easy application
Cost Effective with max. coverage
No Need of top coat with emulsion
Stylish & Stunning cladding material
Acceptance by Architects & Designers
Possibility for plenty of design ideas
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